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4th Grade Bible Presentation

4th grade bibles 2019

Each year the students who have just finished 4th grade are presented with their own Bible with their name engraved on the cover. There are two reasons we do this. The first reason is that we think the Bible is important and want them to have their own Bible to study and absorb. The second reason is that it is one way we show we care about them and their spiritual growth.

Each student will find something special about their Bible. Their name and the date they receive their Bible has been neatly written in calligraphy on the title page by Kim Pellman. They will also see that a number of people have had the opportunity to indicate their own favorite verses in their Bible. Parents, grandparents, and church staff have all taken time to go through and highlight their personal favorite verses and sign their name next to that verse. When they open their Bible for the first time they will find their legacy of faith marked throughout the pages. They will see what was meaningful to grandpa, or mom, or pastor. They will know that they are surrounded by a "cloud of witnesses" urging them to "run with perseverance the race marked out for (them)."

Thank you, Dani Schaeffer, for coordinating this and showing how much you care for our students.


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