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Facility Upgrades


Any homeowner knows that owning a property means regular repairs and upgrades. During the past year, we have seen several significant repairs and upgrades to our facilities here at the church.

In the early part of 2022, we installed new cabinets and painted the Nursery in the basement. This was completed in early May - not long before we had the sewage overflow in the basement. That meant redoing the carpet, getting new cabinets, redoing the drywall near the floor and repainting the damaged areas.

We relocated the classes that were meeting in the basement, cleaned up the mess and began the repairs. While making those repairs, we realized that we also needed to upgrade some of our sewer lines. We had enough of the basement work finished that we were able to move the classes back downstairs in late August.

But replacing the sewer lines meant digging up the floors in the west end of the basement, laying the new sewer lines, pouring new concrete to repair the floors and installing new tile in both downstairs bathrooms. That work was finally finished in mid-September. (We still have some painting that needs to be done on the basement bathroom doors.)

In mid-November, we were able to install a new roof on both the Journey House and the small barn to the rear of the Journey House. We also replaced a number of the windows in the Journey House.

And finally, the bollards at the entrance to the north driveway arrived in mid-December.

We have a number of people who contributed to getting this work done – Derek Wissler, chair of the trustees, Lowell Jantzi, special projects coordinator, Don Brubaker, and Bob Bear all made significant contributions. Thank you!

We are also well along in the process as we plan to redo the interior of the Journey House. We anticipate installing new lighting, new flooring, buying new furniture and repainting.

In His service,

Alan Miller


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