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QR Code and Live Stream Woes


Sunday, March 5, 2023

Sunday was a bit of a technology train wreck, but we're back on track! Who knew QR codes had a limited number of scans? I didn’t! After more research, I've found a code generator claiming unlimited scans so we’ll try this again. Thank you to all those who used that method of connecting with us before it reached its scan limit. I was very encouraged by your willingness to try a new method. Some of you made use of the connection options at the bottom as well, and we will respond! Others used the link in the Sunday morning email indicating that you were worshiping with us via live stream (thank you so much for doing that), which brings me to my second point.

You are well aware the audio was completely missing from the live stream on Sunday (March 5). While we discovered that almost immediately, all attempts to resolve the issue without interrupting the live stream failed. Completely shutting it down and restarting it - the way to fix 99% of computer issues - was ultimately what it took. Unfortunately, once a stream is ended there is no going back. I'm still hoping to salvage most of the sermon and have that uploaded soon. I am very sorry for the missed opportunity to worship with us and hope you will rejoin us for future worship services.  Thank you to Aaron Long and Mike Steller who kept running the live stream audio and video knowing that it wasn't working but stayed prepared in case it came back. That was excellent! --dean smith  office@neffmc.org


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