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Chili Bowl 2024

Chili Bowl 2024 BLOG

THANK YOU ALL for your incredible support of the youth’s Annual Chili Bowl! It was a success!

On Sunday, March 10th, congregation members brought 24 chilis and 15 desserts to the Fellowship Hall so that we could taste and vote on our favorites as a fundraiser for Neffsville’s Youth Program. Everything - from sweet to spicy - was delicious!

This event not only allowed for yummy foods but also accomplished other wonderful things: 

Many generations came together! Chilis and desserts were made by eight year olds as well as those in their seventies. Every age group was present in the tasting and voting, from babies to 90 year olds. 

We got to see several people we haven’t seen in a long time - they came out for the chili bowl, and stayed for the service too! 

Sixteen youth helped with the event, and many of those youth were participating in the worship service in various capacities as well - some were leading worship with instruments, while others were helping behind the scenes with sound and projection. Yet, after the service, they came right back to the Fellowship Hall to continue helping put on the event without complaint. 

Finally, everyone voted with their money and declared that the Long family made the Best Chilis, and Gavin of the Weaver family made the Best Desserts! Congratulations!

 Overall, we raised over $1,700 towards the Sr. High Service Trip to Washington D.C. this summer!

The Chili Bowl truly communicates Neffsville’s heart for the youth, as well as for great food, fellowship, and competition. Thank you so much to the youth, advisors, and parents who helped pull this off, all those who cooked and baked, and to everyone else who came out to taste and vote! We couldn’t have done it without you all. Here’s to Chili Bowl 2025!


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