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Thursday Bible Study

Thurs Bible Study

When I am surfing social media on my phone, I am usually seeking funny videos about dogs or cats. There is nothing like a good video of a stubborn English Bulldog to make me laugh out loud! Once in a while, in between the dog videos, sports cars, and people lifting heavy things, something profound will pique my interest. Last week a video of an interview with a religious leader miraculously alighted on my screen. The leader was asked, “What is life all about?” Great question! The response, “Life is about growth. We must always be growing in our spiritual lives or our faith will die.” Yes. Our Christian spiritual faith goals is alive and must be growing. We want to grow in faith, courage, compassion, hope, and our ability to bless our neighbor as Christ blesses us. It is my humble opinion that we need one another for this Christian spiritual faith journey. It is too much to think we can do it alone. This is “why” we do church. Church is about living a faith journey together. Many of my closest relationships are with those who live this spiritual life with me. We grow together. This happens as we serve together. We worship together. We care together. We pray together. We live the Christian spiritual life together. AND WE STUDY THE BIBLE TOGETHER.

One of the main tenets of faith in the Anabaptist faith journey is communal Bible study. We study together to gain the greatest understanding of a text. That is the power of community. Each person reads a text from their own individual story and perspective. Each story and perspective can be part of developing a greater whole. Each story and perspective empowers our spiritual growth together. We need each other.

Jesus called 12 disciples to take up their cross and follow him. Each disciple had a story and brought that story to the collective journey of the 12. Each disciple listened as Jesus taught and asked questions of his audience. Then the disciples discussed those teachings over a meal or on the road to the next destination. They walked the journey together. So should we!

Neffsville journeys together through communal worship, care, Bible study, and service. There are lots of ways to empower growth together. Our Sunday School classes have always been one of the main forms of living life together. Small groups could be another way to find community at Neffsville. And in September, we will be adding a new Bible study to which all are welcome. We will meet for an hour in the Fellowship Hall on Thursdays in September and October at 10am. Our focus of study will be Paul’s letter to the Galatians. This will NOT be a lecture type of study – remember, we grow together as we share our thoughts and insights - your input is anticipated and welcomed! The sessions will primarily be led by Pastor Hunter but may involve Pastor Eszter and others if needed. We look forward to growing together!

Begins Thursday, September 7, 2023, in the Fellowship Hall at 10:00 a.m.


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