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How is it going so far? - Mosaic Mennonite Conference

How are things going with Mosaic?  This is a question I field on a semi-regular basis.  

In the fall of 2023, I attended Mosaic’s annual assembly. I was immediately moved by the vision of the multi-cultural church. The Worship Team was composed of gifted musicians and singers from across the country and culture spectrum. We sang “Great is Thy Faithfulness” in four different languages all at once. The woman next to me tapped me on the shoulder and leaned in, whispering, “It is like Pentecost, isn’t it?” I had goosebumps and admittedly teared up a bit. That morning ten new pastors were recognized by the conference, eight were people of color. Mosaic’s clear vision was on display. There is a recognition that the Holy Spirit is moving in the global church and we see that movement as the future of the Mennonite faith stream. When considering the Mennonite church's growth in Africa, it is hard to disagree. 

Mosaic is committed to empowering and equipping its churches through leadership events and seminars. Our staff have already begun to enjoy this training and leadership. On November 11th of 2023, Eszter Bentch Bjorkman attended a helpful seminar on ministry to youth. The seminar was titled, “Ministry with LGBTQIA+ & Same-Sex Attracted Youth.” Art Pereira, the director of Events and Partnerships for ReVoice, led discussions on equipping youth leaders to lovingly walk with and disciple same-sex attracted youth and their friends.  Additionally, Ally Weaver recently attended a seminar called, “Nurturing Accessible Family Ministry.” The workshop was sponsored by the Anabaptist Disability Network and addressed “Welcoming families impacted by disability and neurodiversity.” Finally, my pastoral support cluster was invited to take a trip to England to meet with Anabaptist author Stewart Murray Williams and leaders of Yeovil Community Church. Unfortunately, I had to decline. The invitations have been plentiful. We have already witnessed how Mosaic is active and responsive to the ministry needs of our times.  

Mosaic offers a pastor’s retreat in March. The event, partially sponsored by a Lilly Grant, will involve a free weekend of rest and worship at the Lambertville Inn in Lambertville, New Jersey. Rashard Allen will be one of the worship leaders at the event and Eszter is also planning to attend. The Inn overlooks the Delaware River and should create a great atmosphere for a weekend of respite!  It has been an active start to this new relationship, with opportunities for learning, reflecting, and growing.  We look forward to making friends, finding new opportunities for growth, and collaboration.


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